Fire Doors

F&S Fire Doors supply complete made-to-measure fire door sets and security door sets - we manufacture them ourselves to British Standards and can supply to addresses anywhere in the UK.
Fire door sets pre-assembled with all fixtures...
Our fire door sets are a significant improvement on the traditional way to fit fire doors. Instead of buying and assembling the components for your fire door separately, our fire door sets are pre-assembled with an adjustable frame (architraves on both sides) and fitted with intumescent strips, hinges, handles and locks.
...that can be installed in approximately 20 minutes.
A typical installation time for one of our sets, including the door and frame is only 20 minutes. Our standard range includes everything from plain mdf to solid hardwood doors and we can make almost any design that you require.

Our door sets allow you to fit each door and frame in one process, dramatically reducing labour costs and saving time. Both door and frame come finished to a very high standard before they are fitted.

Skilled labour is not essential to install our Door Sets and the average time to install is just 20 minutes. Each set is packed protectively and should be the last item to be installed to avoid any damage to the door, the frame and the opening.
Our prices start from only 295 for a complete fire door set.

An FD30 fire door being tested
We manufacture both 30 and 60 minute fire doors to comply with all relevant British Standards. Our doors are pre-fitted with intumescent material.